About Us

The Matra is a global internet company serving the travel and tourism sector, with offices in Alexandria and Saudi Arabia. We redesign and revolutionize the travel industry by personalizing the travel process, adopting various technologies to improve operational efficiencies and meet customers’ expectations to create a balance between the technological innovations and the human element,  all according to leading data and numbers.

We enable new personalized, seamless digital experiences which today’s consumers crave, design experiences that smooth out the turbulence that often accompanies travel, creating a seamless, frictionless, high-quality experience for customers all through our platforms.

with eyes on the future, we invite you to join and build with us the next wave of the leading technology platforms that will reshape the future in the Middle East and North Africa as a first station, and the world to come soon after. The Matra is NOT ONLY an IT software solution provider, but we are the technology partner of Saudi based group, we are also the operational, marketing, and financial arm for that group.

If you are an esteemed professional, a unique and resourceful mind, and you’re searching for your next success story, look no further, and send your resume to HR@THEMATRA.COM; mentioning the position.

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